Brady Stewart

“Dr. Scott Underwood and Active Release Techniques are the most effective recovery and injury prevention methods that I’ve ever used. With his help, I have accomplished more in the past year than I had ever expected. Being a national and international competitive bench presser, you are bound to run into tearing and soft tissue damage.  Dr. Underwood has helped me address these areas and other potential risks (via ART).  He is an expert on understanding human performance. Now, I feel that I can make consistent gains throughout the year.  I really like the ART approach to injury treatment and prevention.  Many other methods are too inconsistent; ART is flawless.

Since I’ve used Active Release Techniques with Dr. Scott Underwood, I placed third at the 2009 USA Powerlifting Bench Press National Championships with a lift of 611 pounds in the 242 pound weight class.  This lift placed me on the 2009 IPF USA World Bench Press Team.  In this first international level competition, I placed sixth and nearly captured the Gold medal, missing the winning lift by a slight margin.  This accomplishment would not have been possible without Dr. Underwood ’s assistance.

My future goals are to gain selection to future World Bench Teams and ultimately capture a gold medal. I know my chances are better with the care and treatment from Dr. Scott Underwood and Underwood Chiropractic for his unequaled  experience in athletic performance care.  I look forward to future success thanks to Dr. Underwood .”

Brady Stewart of the Belleville Weightlifting Club is an elite world class bench presser who has been competing in powerlifting for six years.  He is the USA Powerlifting American Record Holder in the 242 pound weight class, two time Junior National Champion and USA Powerlifting official.