Dana Rosenzweig

“After nearly thirty two years as a competitive powerlifter, the cumulative effects of training resulted in degenerative joint disease that threatened to end my lifting career. Severe shoulder pain and markedly reduced range of motion made training nearly impossible. My orthopedic surgeon was recommending a complete joint replacement. Through a friend’s recommendation, I started seeing Dr. Underwood and after 3 months of Active Release Treatment the results have been unbelievable. I no longer have any discomfort, have significantly increased range of motion – but more importantly have gotten stronger! My bench press has increased over 25 pounds and I look forward to defending my national title at this year’s United States Powerlifting Bench Press Championships. This would not be possible without the invaluable assistance of Dr. Scott Underwood.”


Dana Rosenzweig is a six time member of the USA Powerlifting World Masters Bench Press Team and bronze medalist at the 2004 World Masters Bench Press Championships. He is CEO of the Belleville Weightlifting Club and holder of numerous state and national records.