Leg Pain

Nerves exiting the spine from the lower back extend down the legs carrying sensation and muscle control messages. If the low back is injured or irritated those nerves can be affected as well, causing pain, numbness, and tingling as well as muscle symptoms such as weakness or spasms. Generally, pain down the leg which has its source in the low back is called sciatica.

The joints and muscles in the legs can also become injured or irritated by trauma or overuse. Common conditions include hip pain, knee pain, ankle instability, and shin splints.

Effective treatment of leg pain begins with a thorough examination to determine whether the source of the pain is from the low back or the joints and muscles of the leg. For leg pain originating from the low back, Dr. Underwood will special equipment that provide flexion and distraction adjustments which has been proving highly effective in treating sciatica.

Leg pain with an origin from the joints and/or muscles of the leg will be addressed with extremity adjustments and Active Release. In sports trauma, Kinesio Taping, E-Stim, and ThermoActive braces may be used.

Additionally, many ongoing leg conditions are partially caused by dysfunction of feet and arches of the feet. Functional testing and gait analysis performed by Dr. Underwood will help determine if leg conditions is partially or wholly caused by foot/arch dysfunction. For foot/arch dysfunction, changes in footwear or orthotics from Sole Supports may be recommended.