Joshua Dutton

I have been a lifelong runner and have been blessed to never have experienced any type of injury beyond typical aches and minor discomfort. My luck ran out in November of 2014 when I had a major bout with ITB Syndrome.With my first full marathon just three months away, my training runs were cut down to a maximum of two mile runs due to the amount of pain I was experiencing. I knew I could not achieve my goal in the condition which I was in.

Like most other people, I began reading articles and searching the internet for tips on how to treat this beast. I tried foam rolling, icing, stretching and hip flexor strengthening exercises. All of these were great and much needed however; I needed something quicker and more useful in order to my body in shape for my Sunday long runs as I prepared for my February marathon.

I reached out to a running expert in my community and she recommended making an appointment with Dr. Underwood in O’Fallon and that he was certified in ART (Active Release Technique). I made the call and met with Dr. Underwood just one day later. I was very impressed right away with Dr. Underwood’s down to earth demeanor. After a series of questions and a short examination, he informed me of his treatment plan. Dr. Underwood caught me off guard when he said he would expect me to be able to increase my mileage from two to four after the first adjustment. The day after my first treatment, I hopped on the treadmill and ran 4 ½ miles until I had to stop due to the pain an increase of 2 ½ miles after one adjustment. My skepticism was already beginning to fade after just one adjustment. I went back to Dr. Underwood later that same week and continued to do so for a total of 5 treatments, increasing my mileage significantly after each visit. On January 11, 2015, I ran 20 miles pain free. I now have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that when I step up to the starting line on February 15th, I will be well prepared to complete my first marathon. A huge thank you to Dr. Underwood and his staff of professionals for a job well done!