Tom Schmidt

Due to many years on the fast pitch softball field and 12 of them I spent pitching, my body started to wear down. With the help of Dr. Underwood, I was able to maintain my shoulder and back enough where I had minimal to no pain on a day to day basis. Then my sophomore year of college my foot put me in so much pain my walk and fundamentals started changing. No one could figure out what was wrong. Dr. Underwood was able to work hand in hand with my Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist to find a solution. After many trials and errors, we were able to figure out the culprit of the over-usage and calm it down. He has since then been able to help similar cases of patients that have had the same problem of “no one can figure it out” and make them feel good again. My player career may have ended but thanks to Dr. Underwood I was able to play every game of my senior season and really go out with a bang.

-4 year member of NCAA Division 2 McKendree University Softball Team
-2016 GLVC First Team All-Conference
-2016 NFCA First Team All-Region
-2018 GLVC First Team All-Conference
-2018 NFCA First Team All-Region
-2018 D2CCA First Team All-Region
-2018 NFCA Second Team All-American
-2018 D2CCA Third Team All-American

Throughout a grueling season, a lacrosse team will have major and minor injuries that cost players games during the season. However, Dr. Underwood as our team physician, the St. Louis Men’s Lacrosse Team has continuously overcome injuries. He and his outstanding staff have quickly and effectively treated key players returning them to play less than a week after the injury. Thus, helping them earn 1st Team All-Conference Honors. With Dr. Underwood’s hard work, SLU Lacrosse players stay healthy all season long.

Tom Schmidt, Head Coach for St. Louis University Men’s Lacrosse.